points NanoBlog!

Introducting NanoBlog

NanoBlog is a revolution in blogging, designed for people who are just too lazy to tweet. Instead of the standard 140 characters we operate a system on 1 character represtented as a number 0 - 255.

How Does it work?

The purpose of NanoBlog is for self assesment and self awards, leading to self improvement. The scoring system works as follows. A good target is to achieve 1000 points per day, over a period of time

What if I cheat?

We ask that you participate in this experiment honestly. If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself, but also others on the site. An admin or peer will be able to suspend accounts that are not performing according to the guidelines. And remember, this is linked data powered, so a bad reputation will follow your webid around for all time ...

Still too much effort - what about an API?

Coming soon, I've programmed my own, but will release a simple client to add points from wherever and whenever. Automated point tallies will be aggregated following a rules system and a values system, for example our first linked data rule shall be to award 5 points for a twitter tweet. We hope you enjoy the nanoblog experiment, and look forward to hearing from you!